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Sill Montreal
The solidity of your sills allows you to protect your brick walls from water infiltration!

Sills in Montreal

The installation and replacement of sills in Montreal are among the specialities of our company. Founded in 2012, MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE employs bricklayer-masons who know how to install or replace damaged sills. We also seal the sills in order to prevent water infiltration in this location.

We can also install and replace lintels (located above doors and windows). The lintels support the entire weight of the brick wall and must be in excellent shape. A simple crack can have disastrous consequences for the structural integrity of the wall. Angle iron replacement services are also offered.

What is a sill?

Sills are cement or stone supports that reinforce the exterior windows of buildings. Strong and properly maintained sills are essential to prevent water from infiltrating and causing the bricks in the wall to burst below. This water infiltration can also create moisture and mold problems.

It is therefore imperative that your sills are built by professionals with the appropriate materials, and that they are installed using the correct method. For the construction and reparation of your sill in Montreal, choose the bricklayers at MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE who boast 20 years of experience and are certified.

Cement sills, which are inexpensive, are often the first choice of homeowners. These sills are built in one piece or in two pieces that need to be bound in the middle. As cement is an easy to crumble material, these sills are not as resistant as the sills made of gray stone, which can properly withstand the freeze and thaw cycles.

Sill repair

Window sills sport the function of supporting the windows, but also evacuate rain water away from the brick walls. Often times, sills get damaged faster than the other masonry elements due to this surplus of water. It is good practice to ensure that the sill joints do not contain any unpatched cracks, and, if the sills are falling apart, it is best not to delay before having them repaired.

Neglecting to repair your sills could lead to more costly repairs in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us for the repair or replacement of your window sills.

Sill Montreal

Construction and repair of sills: contact

Contact our company specialising in the installation or replacement of sills in Montreal, which offers guaranteed services. Fill out our quote form and we will evaluate the condition of your sill, we can offer you a free quote for repair or replacement work. Our team puts its 20 years of experience at your service, and travels in all corners of the city.

Certified bricklayer.

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