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Repointing Montreal

Brick repointing in Montreal

For brick repointing and brick wall repair services in Montreal, entrust your work with MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE. Being in operation since 2012, our masonry company consists of certified masons and bricklayers boasting over 20 years of experience! Our work is available for residential and commercial owners.

What is brick repointing?

Brick repointing is a reparation technique that consists of redoing the mortar joints binding certain parts of a brick wall. Therefore, if a brick wall crumbles, or some bricks move, or the mortar of the joints has fallen, the bricks must be repointed in order to prevent a water infiltration or a complete deterioration of the brick wall.

In some circumstances (such as when there has been a water infiltration and some bricks have advanced or unstuck), it is necessary to do a partial repair by dismantling the small part of the wall in question. It will then be possible to properly redo the brickwork and the joints.

If you have an exterior brick wall or any other brick work (balcony, fireplace, chimney, low wall, etc.), our professional bricklayer-masons will be able to repoint the bricks to solidify everything.

Brick repointing by a professional

Spot brick repointing is an extremely delicate process that requires a precise technique done by a qualified and experienced bricklayer-mason. The quality of the mortar used, as well as the ambient temperature, are factors that play into the equation when trying to make a solid and durable reparation.

However, as with all types of repairs, brick repointing will only be durable if the appropriate materials are installed by expert hands, in compliance with procedures and in suitable ambient conditions (the temperature of the surface of the mortar must be adequate during the drying process to ensure maximal solidity and durability). Additionally, it is important to inform your bricklayer if your brick wall has been coated with a waterproof sealant, as this product might render the mortar less effective.

MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE boasts over 20 years of experience in repointing bricks for the walls of houses, apartment building and commercial buildings. Our methods are efficient and allow your building to last for many long years to come!

Repointing Montreal

Brick repointing in Montreal

For a meticulous and durable brick repointing service in Montreal, contact our team at (514) 651-4946 or fill out our quote form. Our services are done following the state of the art and respecting the deadlines and your budget. Our masonry repointing experts serve all of the regions of Montreal. We offer a free evaluation and quote!

For a repointing service done by professionals who will offer you an unmatched and guaranteed quality, contact MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE without delay.

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