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Bricklayer Montreal

Bricklayer services in Montreal

Are you searching for a bricklayer in Montreal who does work in commercial, institutional, industrial or residential (houses, chalets and multi-unit buildings) settings? MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE is the company to contact! Our certified bricklayers boast over 20 years of brickwork and masonry experience. They will know how to provide you with complete satisfaction.

Our masonry work, including the construction of exterior brick or stone walls, is guaranteed for 10 years (limited warranty). You will receive a solid and durable result, which will resist even the worst weather conditions and water infiltrations.

Don’t forget to do a regular maintenance on your walls by a bricklayer-mason, in order to ensure that the joints are still solid, that the bricks are still in place and that they are not broken. Sills (under windows) and lintels (above doors and windows) must also be inspected, patched, repaired or replaced as needed, as they bear a heavy load.

Our bricklayer services

Below is an overview of our bricklayer and mason services in Montreal:

  • Renovation, restoration or construction work
  • Complete or partial dismantling and reconstruction
  • Brick repointing
  • Construction and repair of outdoor fireplaces and stone or brick chimneys
  • Superior joint finishing
  • Laying of various types of bricks, natural or artificial stones, cement blocks, concrete or refractory materials
  • Installation of anchoring devices
  • Expertise in water infiltration
  • Repair of belly-beefs on brick or stone walls
  • Replacement of sills or lintels
  • Replacement of angle iron
  • Stone and brick balconies
  • Concealment of support columns
  • Creation of outdoor fireplaces and brick chimneys
  • Construction of support walls
  • Construction of brick or stone walls
Bricklayer Montreal

Bricklayer for prevention or solidification work

The exterior walls layered with bricks or stones remain solid and protect the structure of the building by virtue of the quality of the masonry work. The bricklayer must stack the bricks (or stones) and bind them together with mortar joints and fasteners. This compact wall will also be linked to the structure of the building. If the quality of the joints is not up to par, water will infiltrate and the entirety of the structure will be at risk of crumbling, being weakened or dislocating.

During the reparation, solidification or prevention work, it is not necessary to dismantle the entire wall. An experienced bricklayer can repair only the parts that are weakened or crumbling. By using a top quality replacement mortar (rich in lime), the final result will be solid and durable.

For spot brick replacement, a partial dismantling will be done in order to rebuild it in a solid and durable way. To repair a belly-beef (water infiltration causing the wall to swell and the bricks to stick out) also requires a little dismantling.

Bricklayer Montreal

Professional bricklayer in Montreal

Connect with a bricklayer in Montreal offering guaranteed services that will be completed on time and as budgeted. Our team, composed of professional bricklayers and masons, serves all of the neighborhoods in the city. We offer free evaluations and estimates!

For an experienced bricklayer that will offer you an unmatchable quality of work that is also guaranteed, contact MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE without delay.

Certified bricklayer.

RBQ licence no: 5654-1733-01

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