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Brick restoration Montreal

Brick restoration in Montreal

For brick restoration in Montreal (brick walls, fireplaces, chimneys, balconies or low walls), contact the MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE team. Since 2012, our professional bricklayers and masons offer reparation, maintenance, rehabilitation and dismantling / reconstruction services for brick or stone walls.

Our brick restauration service

We start by inspecting all parts of your walls, and then we determine the locations that need repair or repointing. We can, if needed, dismantle a part of the wall in order to do the repair in a solid and resistant manner. Brick restoration allows to solidify the entirety of the wall thanks to the replacement of broken bricks and quality repointing.

It often happens that the bricks that find themselves near the edge of the doors and windows become weakened, since the brick wall puts constant pressure on the lintels (stone supports that

If needed, we will replace the cracked sills or lintels, and properly seal their outline. We can also replace the rusty angle irons, these metal bars that support the weight of the wall above the doors.

Our services include

VBelow is an overview of our brick restoration services in Montreal:

  • Spot repointing of bricks (changing the mortar of the joints of small sections of the wall)
  • Replacement or addition of bricks (when cracked or worn)
  • Solidification of stone walls
  • Belly-beefs (replacement of bricks in spots that have swollen, often at the top of buildings)
  • Chimneys (repair and solidification of old chimneys)
  • Change of sills (stone or cement window sills) to prevent water infiltration and bursting of bricks
  • Demolition of a brick (or stone) wall and complete reconstruction
  • Addition of decorative elements to the brick wall (stones or ceramics for civic addresses, for example)
  • Restoration of stone masonry foundations (rubble stone)

MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE guaranties all of their brick restoration work. We assure our customers of unmatchable work quality, which will be solid and durable.

Brick restoration Montreal

Brick restoration and isolation

The restoration of brick or stone walls is a very delicate job. One must do the replacement of bricks or stones damaged by usage, rain and temperature variations, and this often by spot. You must also think about adding or replacing the insulation when restoring the bricks on these walls, if dealing with old houses or buildings. For newer buildings where the waterproofing and insulation are found to be less effective, the restoration of the bricks or stones would automatically increase their performance.

Brick restoration Montreal

Brick restoration in Montreal

Have your brick wall (or any other brick work) refurbished by our professional company offering guaranteed services. Our experts in brick restoration in Montreal travel all over the city to carry out work respecting the deadlines and budget.

Certified bricklayer.

RBQ licence no: 5654-1733-01

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