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Maçonnerie Élégance Montreal
Our expert masons and bricklayers conduct work that complies with the Construction Code.

Brickwork and masonry company in Montreal

MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE is a masonry company in Montreal that serves in the Rosemont and Plateau districts, as well as all the other surrounding areas. Member of the Régie du bâtiment, our company offers all of the masonry and bricklaying services that you need.

Our teams offers their residential, commercial and institutional customers top quality masonry and brickwork services. We also work with construction contractors.

Our experts are passionate about their trade, and they do meticulous and guaranteed work with solid and durable results. As trained and certified masons and bricklayers, they fully respect the installation and repair methods brought on by the Régie de la construction. Their expertise has blossomed over 20 years of practicing the profession.

Founded in 2012, our brickwork and masonry company is a member of the Association des professionnels de la construction et de l'habitation. We hold all of the required permits and insurances to complete small and large scale work.

Masonry contractor

For a seasoned masonry contractor offering work guaranteed for 10 years (limited warranty), choose MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE. Our masons and bricklayers use only quality materials and employ methods which conform with the technical requirements of the Building Code. Additionally, our team follows the recommendations of the CNESST in terms of health and safety at work, while our company has liability and accident insurance.

Our services

Mason Montreal
For your masonry and bricklaying work, it is important to leave the work to a professional mason. Whether it be for small or large jobs, you will ensure yourself conformity and solidity of the final result. Whether it’s for the construction or reparation of a brick wall, a stone fireplace, a low wall, a chimney or other work, you will benefit from the expertise of a seasoned mason.
Bricklayer Montreal
Our certified bricklayers are at your service to conduct your bricklaying projects of all kinds (construction or reparation). These can consist of walls made of concrete blocks, bricks or natural or artificial stones, fireplaces, chimneys, low walls, interior decorative walls, balconies, exterior kitchen areas, etc. We also do repairs of masonry work, including the repair of stone foundations (rubble stone).
Repointing Montreal
Repointing consists of redoing the mortar joints that have deteriorated on certain parts of the brick or stone wall, or on the stone foundations (rubble stone). To prevent water infiltration, as well as weakening and crumbling, it is important to act fast to have the mortar redone to ensure the solidity of the final result. If bricks or stones are loose, a dismantling of the damaged part will be necessary in order to complete the repair.
Sill Montreal
The stone sills that support the windows must always be in perfect condition, since they carry the weight of the part of the brick wall that is above. When a sill is cracked or broken, it must be replaced immediately, as the bricks that surround the window are at significant risk of deteriorating during a water infiltration. The mortar joints that surround the sills must also be redone, if needed, in order to ensure total waterproofing.
Brick restoration Montreal
Brick restoration
The repair of brick walls or any other brickwork is our specialty. The restoration of bricks is necessary in case of deteriorated mortar. It is then necessary to redo the mortar on a small or large portion. We can also replace the broken or cracked bricks in order to prevent any water infiltration. We repair belly-beefs, replace sills, dismantle and rebuild spot on brick walls, etc.
Work at height Montreal
Work at height
Our experienced masons and bricklayers can safely perform work at height, whether it be indoors or outdoors. We use the required safety equipment, as well as follow the methods recommended by the CNESST. Our company is covered by up-to-date insurance for accidents. For projects such as chimneys, brick walls or other work requiring ladders or platforms, we are the professionals to reach out to.

Our masonry and brickwork services

The MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE team does all types of work related to masonry and brickwork in Montreal. We can build or repair exterior cladding on stone or brick (natural, concrete or refractory).

For spot restoration, we will replace the sealant and the damaged bricks, however, based on what is necessary, we can dismantle a portion of the damaged wall, or its entirety. On older homes, we can replace the old insulation with an insulation of the latest technology. The restoration of brick walls is our speciality, and our work is guaranteed for 10 years.

Our professional masons and bricklayers also carry out the construction and repair of window sills. They will ensure the seals are tight, and if the sills are cracked, broken or falling apart, they will replace them when needed. Do not wait to contact us for the reparation or replacement of a window sill. This will help prevent water from seeping in under your brick wall, causing more costly problems down the line.

Maçonnerie Élégance

Our team can also build low walls (using bricks, stones or concrete blocks) to complete your landscaping or to separate your outdoor spaces (spa area or others). We also build top quality stone or brick balconies. Our masons can work the joints to repair damaged walls, camouflage support columns, and build (or repair) a brick or stone fire place or chimney.

Whether your masonry project is big or small, it will be our pleasure to help you!

Maçonnerie Élégance

Apartment or condo buildings

Do you own one or more apartment buildings? Or are you responsible for the maintenance and management of a multi-unit or condo building? MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE can help ensure that the brick or stone that covers them remains in an impeccable state, and that the concrete foundations do not have any unsealed cracks. With an annual inspection or maintenance, or on call, our team will be able to help with the various necessary repairs.

During our first inspection, we will establish the priorities among the work to be done, and we can inform you of the costs related to these works. We will also let you know what the average annual cost of the maintenance work is so you can include it in your budget.


Louise L.
I had all my brick redone on my house! Very nice job from the Élégance company!! Very good price $$! Thanks again.

David F.
From the first contact I had the feeling of doing business with a company that cares about its customers. From the submission to the execution of the work, the Maçonnerie Élégance team was able to put us at ease despite our thousand and one questions and our fears. I would recommend it to everyone.
Kim C.
Professional service, impeccable work. Very competitive prices. Highly recommended.

Our guarantee

All of our work is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. These are done during ideal temperatures so that the drying happens in an adequate manner, which then ensures maximum solidity and durability.

MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE uses the best products and materials available on the market to complete your renovation, restoration or construction work related to masonry and brickwork.

Contact us

To receive a free estimate regarding your masonry or brickwork projects, contact the MAÇONNERIE ÉLÉGANCE team by filling out our online quote form, or by writing to us at

Our masonry in Montreal serves the Rosemont and Plateau districts, as well as all the other neighbourhoods of the city.

We are open 7 days a week.

Certified masonry contractor.

RBQ license no: 5654-1733-01

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